OK Go: All Together NowClient: OK Go    Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation
Ok Go, an American rock band, reached out to me to work on a collaborative music lyric video as part of their education initiative, Ok Go Sandbox. I created storyboards, illustrations, and animated all the scenes in black and white that will act as a template for thousands of people to color in the frames. It was thrilling to watch the final outcome with colors and to hear it musically performed by people.

After defining the concept for the music video, I started creating sketches and storyboards that spanned from the beginning to the end of the song.

Once the storyboard was in place, I proceeded to design the necessary assets and frames before bringing them to life through animation. A specific request was made to incorporate rectangular shapes into each frame, providing a space to insert clips featuring the people who attended. To fulfill this request, I addressed it by designing spaceships with boxes inside.

After completing the animation, each frame was printed, and participants in the project filled in the white spaces with colors. Once we gathered the colored sheets, we assembled each paper to create the final animated outcome.

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